Picons, AOL Buddy Icons, and .Mac Icons

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What are Picons, AOL Buddy Icons, and .Mac Icons?

Picons, AOL Buddy Icons, and .Mac Icons

PIcons, AOL Buddy Icons, and .Mac Icons are similar to X-faces, but there are a couple important differences. First, they're stored in a master database (in the case of PIcons this database can be mirrored by each individual ISP provider as a regular ISP service). Second, they're in color. Third, (in the case of PIcons only) they can represent companies and organizations in addition to individuals. Savvy programs can display PIcons, AOL Buddy Icons, or .Mac Icons with e-mail messages or Usenet news items instead of (or in addition to) X-faces. PIcons are an open standard while AOL Buddy Icons and .Mac Icons are proprietary and only available to certain ISP users.



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