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Can I talk on the phone while connected to ISDN?

Talk while online

With ISDN, you can talk on the same phone line that you're connected to. However, your connection speed will generally drop to about 64Kbps while you chat. Once you hand up, the speeds should climb back up to about 128Kbps.

What are the additional costs for ISDN?

Phone and ISP costs

Remember, when you use an ISDN connection, you are paying a phone and an ISP charge, much like you do when you use dial-up. Residential ISDN is cheaper than DSL and cable, but a bit more expensive than dial-up. Generally, the rule of thumb is: the faster you go, the more it costs.

Which is better for me, ISDN, Cable, or DSL?

ISDN vs. Cable and DSL

If you're considering going high speed, with either DSL or broadband cable, but need to save money, you may want to think about ISDN. It isn't as fast as the other choices, and therefore may be cheaper. ISDN ISPs are in fierce competition with cable companies and are generally willing to offer you a better deal. Rates change often, so check back periodically to see if you can get a better deal.

Is it difficult to install ISDN?

Installing ISDN

Be sure to ask for residential ISDN if you're installing it in your home. Business ISDN can be more expensive than DSL and much slower. Keep in mind that installing ISDN can be more difficult than installing DSL and cable. You may need to consult with a technician.

Should I choose ISDN for videoconferencing and gaming?

Videoconferencing and Gaming

Choose ISDN for your business if you do a lot of videoconferencing. It you're using a computer at home and play a lot of online games, ISDN may also be the way to go. However, if you do a lot of downloading, choose a DSL or better still, a cable connection. Residential ISDN, while cheaper, is slower than cable or DSL for downloads. It is more similar in speed to a modem dial-up.

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