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How can I optimize my connection?

Optimize Internet Connections

MTU-Speed Pro, a free tool that provides an interface to TCP/IP registry values can improve your ISP connection speed. Rather than risking a potential major computer problem by tweaking the registry, MTU-Speed Pro makes the task quick and easy. This free tool, although no longer supported by its developer can be downloaded from many sites online. Simply Google MTU-Speed Pro to find a web site that has the freeware.

Can I use my ISP service to make phone calls?

Calling All Devices

Today, any broadband device with access to Internet can be used as a telephone with the right hardware and software. Using a technology called VoIP, or Voice over IP, companies like Vonage, located at have developed software to call anywhere in the world for a fraction of the price to call using a traditional phone. One product that they offer, SoftPhone, is an add on service to Vonage's call plans. SoftPhone enables you to use your computer as a phone with its own phone number. VoIP is an emerging technology; however, keep in mind that it is not as reliable as the phone today. But a VoIP technologies develop, competition between companies offering it and traditional phone companies will heat up.

Where can I find reviews from ISP subscribers?

The ISP Guide

If you're looking for ISP reviews that provide reviews for free, low cost, or premium ISPs, check out the ISP Guide at This site enables you to read and contribute to an ISP forum where you can get information about an ISP provider from its subscribers.

How can I stay connected to my ISP?

Stay Connected

Many times, your dialup connection may drop off due to an incorrect modem setting, a noisy phone line, or the problem may be initiated by your ISP provider who watches your connectivity activity and disconnects if you're idle for a certain amount of time. If you need to stay connected to your ISP, you can try Inkline Global's located at / This add on ISP tool enables you to maintain a constant connection to your ISP. Inkline Global claims that Stay Connected is compatible with all major ISPs. You may want to read your ISPs fine print to see if there are any regulations again using a software tool to stay connected to the provider.

Where can I read articles about ISPs?


One of the best places to find an ISP online is CNET, located at CNET provides a list of ISPs in your area, ordered by price and bandwidth. Additionally, CNET gives you access to a number of articles on various ISP topics, such as What to Do if You Outlive Your ISP. For a comparison of ISPs, Check out the ISP reviews at CNET and click on "Find an ISP."

Where can I find free or low ISP reviews?


If you're looking for ISP reviews that provide reviews for free or low cost ISP providers, check out FreedomList at .

How can I speed up my downloads?

Rev Up Your Download Speeds

If your download speeds on your dial up connection are slow, you can speed them up with Download Accelerator Pro (DAP) Version 7 located at DAP, which claims to increase your download speeds up to 300% is a free tool that's also spyware-free. It works well with hi-speed connections like cable or DSL, too. It optimizes your downloads and recovers for drop off connections as well.

Who ranks ISP performance?

ISP Rank

The main feature of the website, ISP Rank, at is reviews written by subscribers or past subscribers. The internet service provider reviews are then ranked monthly and listed as the top ISPs of the month.

What is The List?

The List

The List is one website to find the ISP to meet your needs. You can search for an ISP by location, features, or price. The List gives you all of the phone numbers available for your area if you're looking for a dial-up connection. Most ISP service providers sign up on The List. You find The List at

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