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Does my ISP have adult filters on their servers?


NetSweeper located at is software for internet service providers that enable the provider to block unwanted or adult websites. If you're signing up with a local ISP, ask them if they use filtering software to screen out unwanted website. Be sure that you have control over what is filtered out and are able to control the filter from your account.

What are the ISPs that offer adult-free services?

Family ISPs

Several ISP providers offer adult website-free access to the Internet, one form of online ISP parental controls. One such ISP is Christian Net located at Their Family Internet Plans include budget access, premium service, business service, and low-cost add on service that will filter content from your existing ISP.

What software applications can I install on my computer?

Client-side filters

There are several software packages that you purchase to keep your family safe from questionable content on the Web. For example, Guardiansoftware, located at, works with a number of applications that access the Internet, such as AOL, AIM, POP3 and SMTP email clients. These software packages allow you control what your family sees online and to set different filters for all your family members.

Does AOL have good parental controls?

AOL Parental Controls

AOL offers among the best filters to protect your family from unwanted web content. With AOL as your ISP, you can set filter levels for every member of your family. You can monitor your child's activity online, approve their email contacts, and limit their time online. What's best is that you can do all this remotely if you are not home. The Parental Controls at AOL are bundled with the ISP provider's service and no extra charges are included.

Is there an ISP for kids?

Kid's Network

Kids have their own network online at Kid's Net, located at If you want to ensure that your kids are safe while online, check out Kid's Net. Unlike a client-side filter, which works only on the computer on which it's installed, Kid's Net works with your child's account, so the filtering is available wherever they log on.

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