Web Audio Formats

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What audio formats are safe for the Web?

Web Audio Formats

There are dozens of audio formats. Unfortunately there is no audio format that all Web browsers can consistently play, so the pros and cons for each must be weighed before uploading to an ISP Web hosting account. The simple audio format (AU) will work with most browsers without extra software (even on some handheld computers) if it is restricted to mono sound. MP3, WAV, and AIFF will work on the next largest number of computers without extra software. MIDI files will work on most computers, but they require that a MIDI library be installed, and different MIDI libraries mean that the same audio file can sound different on different machines. MOD, SID, and OGG files will work on pretty much every machine, but each requires special plug-ins. This is all regardless of ISP service and ISP provider; it is a property of the Web browsers themselves.



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