Dynamic Web Hosting for Businesses

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Why do businesses need dynamic Web hosting?

Dynamic Web Hosting for Businesses

Business ISPs that focus on Web hosting services should offer dynamic Web hosting among their ISP technologies. An internet service provider business plan for the Web will usually have a back-end database (like PostgreSQL, Oracle, or even MySQL) for holding business records, and a dynamic engine like Zope, JSP, or WebObjects to automatically make use of that data to generate pages on demand. The rationale for this approach is one of cost: no business wants to pay an outlandish sum of money to have its entire site redesigned when a single new product or service is added or upgraded. With dynamic Web hosting capabilities, a product or service may be added or changed once in the database and the entire Web site will modify itself accordingly. It's a little more expensive to set up, but it pays for itself over the life of the Web site.



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